There are long term physical consequences to having Poliomyelitis.  There are am estimated 12-20 million people living in the world now who have had polio.  It is thought that at least 75% of those will experience new symptoms that are related to their prior polio infection:

  • decreasing tolerance to cold temperatures

  • pain in joints and/or muscles

  • rapid muscle tiring or feeling of exhaustion

  • new weakness in muscles, even those not previously affected by the initial polio

  • problems with breathing, swallowing and/or sleeping

This site will attempt to provide you and your loved ones with resources and links to help you understand and adjust to living with PPS in the best possible way.  The Polio Survivor group in Tucson, Polio Epic has put together an information sheet, Post-Polio 101, which explains the syndrome in a concise manner.  Click on the link to see a PDF version which you may print out for your own use.


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